Enterprise Class Domain Name Management
Company Overview

Domainex is a domain name management and consolidation tool, currently used to manage over 10 million of our client's domain names.

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Service Description

Domainex helps owners of large domain portfolios consolidate all key investment data and pertinent information into a single dashboard.

Professional domain investors may acquire hundreds or thousands of domain names on a daily basis. As their portfolio grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to organize inventory and keep track of key data. Domainex uses an automated process to consolidate key information such as whois records, purchase and sales records, Estibot ® valuations, parking and revenue data, as well many other important data points with minimal input by the user.

Domainex automatically and routinely consolidates domain parking details from virtually every parking provider, obtains whois records, downloads purchase and sales histories, gets EstiBot® valuations, categorization data, and much more, all without any manual work by the portfolio owner.

The service is easy to use, fast and extremely flexible allowing for a wide range of reports, filters and analysis of the different data sets.

Feature Highlights:

  • Determine which domains to retain or drop by comparing cost and valuation statistics
  • Access customizable and easy to use reports that can break down portfolio data by extension, registrar, revenue source or many other categories.
  • Monitor their portfolio for DNS, whois or ownership changes
  • Obtain a scalable resource capable of sustaining portfolios of as small as 10 domains and as large as 10 million domains

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