Comprehensive domain name intelligence
Company Overview

domainIQ is the world's most powerful domain name and internet research tool, capable of providing detailed information about over 150 million domain names, registrants and ISPs.

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Service Description

domainIQ® finds detailed information about a particular domain name, registrant, web site or server and presents that information in a meaningful, and easy to understand format.

The service employs billions of data points stored by our information infrastructure and uses them to generate reports that are unmatched in depth, detail, and accuracy at a fraction of the price charged by our competitors.

Access a wide array of tools useful in cybercrime investigation, domain due diligence, and brand protection, such as live and historical domain ownership records for all registered domain names, web site snapshots, ISP and DNS historical hosting records, geographical registration trends, reverse lookup tools and much more.

domainIQ makes it easy to research everything related to domain names, DNS hosting records and web sites.

While domainIQ is geared toward a wide variety of users, here are just a few of the applications that the service can be used for:

  • Cybercrime investigation
  • Brand protection
  • Competitive research
  • Domain due diligence
  • Domain ownership research
  • ISP & hosting research

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