Data Mining and Normalization System
Company Overview

Domainplex is a data aggregator, normalizer and API service that standardizes how information related to domain names and the internet is collected and reported.

Domainplex is the industries most popular and trusted API service, delivering millions of queries every day to some of the world's biggest service providers.

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Service Description

Domainplex was initially developed as an internal tool for data mining and normalization. We needed a way to mine large amounts of data, normalize it, and quickly serve it to our customers.

We soon realized that the domain industry, as well as other potential users, could benefit from high volume access to dozen of internet and domain related data sets.

Consider domain name ownership records as a practical example of our mining and normalization capabilities.

There are thousands of registrars around the world that provide registration services and each of them has a unique format for reporting ownership information. In order to make the data searchable and usable, it has to be normalized. Normalization converts fields such as "Registrant Name" or "Domain Owner" or "Client-Name" into a single consistent name, "Registrant" so that the field value (ex: John Doe) can be extracted and stored.

The internet contains vast amounts of data that are organized in a nearly infinite number of formats. We seek to organize that data into useful, searchable and easily accessible data sets.

Building a scalable data mining and normalization infrastructure is complex and expensive. That is why we have opened all of our data and tools to industry service providers and anyone interested in tapping into our infrastructure.

In addition to providing superior access to large quantities of data, we also provide our customers with access to a number of proprietary tools to help enhance the value of their search. All of the data and custom tools that power our services are available through a user friendly API. Here are just a few of the API options available on Domainplex:

  • Automated domain name valuations
  • Automated domain categorization
  • Whois data research and normalization
  • Reverse name, email and business whois searches
  • Domain ownership history
  • Web site crawling and normalization
  • Live website snapshots and snapshot history

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