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Company Overview

Domain Research Tool is a desktop based application designed to help domain investors perform domain research efficiently and securely.

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Service Description

Domain Research Tool (DRT) is a powerful desktop based domain research tool that is trusted by thousands of domain name investors worldwide.

DRT was originally designed as a bulk look up software for various domain related data points such as Whois information, Alexa rankings, Overture, Pagerank and backlinks. Eventually DRT transitioned into both a bulk scanner and a domain name portfolio management system.

Most domain name investors identify opportunities by evaluating key data points related to a domain name. As a result, they often have to extract large quantities of data from a substantial number of domains at once. If done manually, the extraction may take 5 to 10 minutes per domain. However, by using DRT, a domain name investor is able to extract the needed data in seconds which helps them maximize both efficiency and investment opportunities.

The tool was built with support for proxy servers, used to circumvent access restrictions imposed by some data providers, such as whois data collection.

Feature highlights:

  • Ability to scan lists of up to 500,000 domains per scan cycle with full support for loading, filtering and analyzing zone files.
  • Uses an automated process to load up to 10,000 proxy serves for use. The servers are automatically rotated and poorly performing proxies are automatically disabled.
  • Bulk whois check, with support for ccTLDs
  • DRT automatically checks proxy serves that are in use to ensure they are functional and non-transparent.
  • Typo generator, with support for multiple keyboard layouts
  • Access to key non-publically available data sets such as Overture® and Google Adwords®

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