Domain name valuation and productivity tools
Company Overview

EstiBot is the global leader in automated domain name appraisals, processing over 1.8 million appraisals per day.

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Service Description

EstiBot appraises domain names using a statistically driven mathematical algorithm. The model uses historical public domain name sales data, as well as vertical and search statistics related to those domains.

Our proprietary valuation technology has been used by domain name investors, law firms, government agencies, public organizations and private companies to evaluate domains. The service produces instant domain name appraisals and supplements them with data useful in manual domain name valuation.

EstiBot was the first domain name appraisal company, and is now the most trusted valuation tool in the industry, appraising over 1.8 million domain names per day.

The service is capable of providing valuations for a single domain name, or bulk portfolio valuations for up to 100,000 domain names.

EstiBot also provides a wide array of brainstorming, research and sales tools to help our customers maximize their domain name buying or selling experience, here are just a few:

  • Instant domain name appraisals, for a single domain name or millions of domains
  • End-user lead generation, used in finding end-user buyers for domains
  • Search volume and CPC research
  • Automated domain name categorization, parsing and trademark risk assessment
  • Whois research and domain due diligence
  • Professional certified appraisals

How much is your domain name worth? Find out now at EstiBot