Taste Reports

Domain Tasting Reports and Registrar Statistics
Company Overview

Taste Reports was originally created to provide a daily list of domain names "tasted" by registrars. Since domain name tasting is no longer supported, the service now provides daily registration and deletions by registrar.

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Service Description

TasteReports.com was a tool developed to provide a daily digest of all registrations and deletions by a registrar.

In mid 2000s, domain investors used the tool to identify registration trends and investment opportunities utilizing a process called domain tasting. The registering party could register a large amount of domain names with an inherent 5 day grace period that allowed the party to delete the domain name, and receive a refund of registration fees if the domain did not generate meaningful organic traffic.

Domain tasting was a simple and effective strategy for registering large numbers of domain names to find those that receive traffic, while deleting all others. During the peak of this trend, domain tasting resulted in as many as 2 million domain names registered and deleted every day.

Due to the change in domain name deletion policy by Verisign, domain tasting is no longer a functional approach in identifying investment opportunities. Today, TasteReports.com no longer keeps track of daily domain deletions and instead strictly keeps track of daily registrations to monitor keywords trends.

Feature Highlights:

  • Historical registration and deletion reports going back to 2006
  • Powerful search and filter tools used to monitor keywords, and set alerts
  • 100% Free

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