We believe in efficiency through automation, and as a result our team is small and extremely efficient.

Luc Lezon

CEO & Founder

Software, hardware, and business management

Luc is a software engineer with over a decade of experience developing original software and services for the domain name industry.

Luc is a true innovator, and an army of one when it comes to solving seemingly impossible problems through the use of technology. Luc has an unparalleled work ethic, and he can create and maintain complex software and hardware systems, all the while managing to keep our business operations running smoothly. He is a technologist par excellence.

- Esa

Esa-Pekka Palvimaki


Scientific analysis and strategy

Esa is a neurosurgeon and scientist with a Ph.D. in neuroscience and a passion for developing web services.

Esa complements the team with his scientific training and innovative mind – not to mention life experience. Creator of many original domain industry tools, he has a passion for technology. Esa utilizes the scientific method to improve the validity and reliability of the processing and analysis of Intelium’s vast array of data into a meaningful structure and presentation. Of course, he also doubles as the company physician.

- Luc

Jacob Hammond

CTO & Founder

Natural Programmer

Jacob is a software engineer with an extraordinary ability to solve complex problems. With over a decade of experience as a web developer, IT professional, technologist and entrepreneur, Jacob is the company's goto expert for all things technical.

Give Jacob a massive undertaking that requires him to create a solution to a complex problem from scratch, and he will not so much as blink – he just gets down to work and before you know it, he comes back with a fully functional application that does exactly what was needed – and more. Jacob is unflappable.

- Esa

Andriy Lysak


Web and Backend Programmer.

Andriy joined Intelium in 2013. He is a technology enthusiast with a hands-on approach to problem solving.

Andrew transitioned from an eager new graduate with a theoretical understanding of computer science to an excellent real-world problem solver. He is a quick learner and proved to have the creative skills necessary to solve any programming challenge he is given. Andrew brings a great attitude to work on a daily basis and is a pleasure to work with.

- Luc

Ivan Rasskazov

CFO & Director of Business Development

Finance, business development and strategy.

Ivan is an experienced financial and business strategist. He brings with him years of experience in the equities and wealth management industry. His primary role at Intelium is to engage with new and established enterprise customers, develop strategies for growing the business and oversee financial and compliance matters.

- Luc

Tom Bucko

Graphic and UI/UX Designer

User Experience Architect.

Tom has been helping technology companies and individuals refine their online presence for many years. He is driven to create a unique user experience that combines both functionality and memorable design. We are very fortunate to have him as a part of our team.

- Luc